Sunday, February 22, 2009

T-Pain, Tea and CT Adventures

On Friday, I got a few tickets see T-Pain at the MGM Grand in CT. Overall, the show was a fun time. An up-and-coming heavy hitter, Ryan Leslie was the opening act. He was backed by a full band and put on an energetic show... (on a sidenote, he went to Harvard when we was 15). The main attraction, T-Pain played for an hour or so. His performance was entertaining and almost theatrical at times with hit after hit after hit. I think he closed with "I'm So Hood", a song full of pure scholarly and artistic expression of the socio-economic divide of inner-city America... right?

This type of music is a guilty pleasure of mine. When I drive, I usually flip between stuff like Interpol, The Smiths, Elliot Smith and uhhhh, Hot 93.7.

We didn't get a free boat ride or anything but being of the music industry, we did get to meet T-Pain after the show. Backstage he has wearing a green pair of Mountain Dew pajamas which nicely complimented his platinum grills.

On the way back we stopped in downtown Hartford for midnight tea at Steam City Cafe (they serve food until 1AM!) which is located in the beautiful Cheney Building which was designed by H.H. Richardson. I'd say this building has Bristol Byzantine / Moorish influence and one of his greatest works.