Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sasquatch Spotted on the Cover of Inc. Magazine

Be sure to check out the October issue of Inc. Magazine in stores and on newsstands everywhere. This issue showcases eighteen entrepreneurs under the age and influence of 30. It profiles my business, Ten Minute Media, mentions one of my future projects Holyoke, and references my mentors (one being a "social responsibility guru" from Springfield).


Elizabeth said...

You are the best looking sasquatch I've ever seen! I am so proud of you Brendan. Finally, someone put Holyoke on the map for the rest of the country to see. After all, INC goes out to about 1 million people and I bet you most of them had never heard of Holyoke until now. You should title this "From Wonderboy to Coverboy"!!!!!!

Justin said...

Love the hat!

Fraser said...

Brilliant Brendan, well done

That looks ace. I'll try and get a copy, it's not widely available over here though.

I also agree that the hat is funky.

VanDog said...

I looked for INC at the supermarket news stand last night. Did you buy up all the copies Brendan? Or maybe it was Elizabeth. She thinks your sexy on the cover.

Brendan Ciecko said...

Kathy from the office of Planning and Development left me a message saying she bought 25 copies of Inc. for a conference... a bunch of mayors and from major industrial cities will be in Holyoke on Wednesday if I heard correctly, I could be wrong. Maybe the Odyssey has some, if not, you might need to check some mom-and-pop eater like B&N or Borders.

Anonymous said...

Ten Minute Media is one of the best in the business! I just wanted to give you kudos on the great job that was done with Way to go!
Proud Of Our Troops Drive - Sending Taylor Hicks CD's to the troops

Slavik said...

Just read your story, Brendan.

Well done, man

You got you niche before any other.

What you did was my dream before - I envy you!

In a good way :)

You've just inspired me to take my business to another level

Thank you very much!

Chanse Strode said...

That article has put some fire under my shoes. I have launched one site and have three others that i am currently working on.


Slavik said...

What site did you launch Chanse

Chanse Strode said...