Thursday, October 23, 2008

Great Time in NYC

Last night, Elizabeth and I made our way to NYC for Inc. Magazine's "30 Under 30" party. We got into the city hoping to catch an early dinner at Veselka, a well-known Ukrainian place on the LES, but some new show starring Jason Scwartsman was being filmed in the restaurant so we temporally crossed that off our list.

After exploring the neighborhood, we headed up to midtown for the Inc. party at D'Or. The club was packed full with many interesting entrepreneurs, guests and the great people who make the magazine happen. I met lots of great people, had great conversations - it was a blast. We headed back down to Veselka for a late dinner of pierogi, golumpki, and blintzes... and then made our way back home.


Jeffrey Byrnes said...

Suddenly I am very hungry after the above mentioned food. That sounds like my kind of restaurant. If you like a menu that is appetizing like that, then I strongly recommend Star O Polska in New Britain, CT.

VanDog said...

Dam! I just looked over Veselka's menu, and I'm getting hungry too. What's with that?

Thanks for sharing Brendon.

Reducing in HM said...

Mm food. I am tottally making some golumpki and sausage bread this Sunday.

Note.. I tried to buy frozen cheese blintzes at S&S this week and they don't have them anymore!

Brendan Ciecko said...

Honestly, as a disclaimer, most Slavic food in the US is less than decent - Veselka is alright.

I only know of a few people (not restaurants) who can truly cook up amazing Eastern European meal... real soul food.