Friday, March 13, 2009

Robots Take Over Cambridge!

We just got back from the Middle East in Cambridge where a very special celebration took place. What was the celebration about? Our friends at iRobot hit $1-Billion in total robot revenue - an incredible achievement for entrepreneurship, high-tech, robotics, and, damn that's a lot of zeros.

A group of slick Grammy-award winning, YouTube celebrities stopped by the party... déjà vu and familiar faces, it was OK Go! They played a quick game of Rock Band on stage to their own song and a track by the Pixies. Colin from iRobot rocked the guitar and Alex from Harmonix held it down on the drums. After the performance, Elizabeth and I hung out backstage with the band and Colin let us all test-drive some cool robots. Rock stars and robots. I'll post a few pictures in a few days.

Congratulations to iRobot on their continued success!

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Elizabeth said...

what an evening! robots+Okgo+you+me :) so fun!