Thursday, July 30, 2009

Turks Head Building

Although, I haven't been to Providence in a few months... I feel it's important to confess my admiration for the iconic Turks Head Building. Designed by Howells & Stokes and constructed in 1913, the Turks Head Building is one of New England's coolest buildings. It has classical touches, beautiful proportions, and it's one of the only V-shaped (not flatiron, but V!) structures around. My note to aspiring architects: if you want win people over (or just me) just carve up a block of granite into an Ottoman Turk sultan's head and attach it to the fa├žade.


Anonymous said...

never seen this one before but it's very nice

Elizabeth said...

Ah yes! The famous Turk's head building. I loved when they did the waterfire events and used it as a backdrop.