Thursday, February 25, 2010

Łódź's today and Holyoke's tomorrow?

Łódź: It's David Lynch's favorite city.

This weekend I will be taking a day trip to the Polish city of Łódź. Having done a thorough scan of it's architectural and cultural treasures... I came across a very interesting development: a converted mill complex taken to a whole new level by Jestico + Whiles.

The project(s): Centrum Manufaktura and Andels Hotel Lodz look absolutely stunning, stylish, and very modern. Although they aren't pushing the envelope too far, it's still impressive from a design standpoint.

This type of brick factory structure is an abundant commodity in the city of Holyoke. Should this be the interior design standard for future mill conversions in downtown Holyoke? How great would that be!

As for Holyoke, in the meantime, Open Square is carrying the torch and has a similar mixed-use vision. As the market heats up we can all hope that there will be many rad converted factories.

How about that data-center?

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John Aubin said...

Hi Brendan, thanks for including Open Square in such good company. Can't wait to see your photos . . . wishing I was there!