Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Music for Relief / Haiti

Check out Music For Relief's "Donate to Donate" for Haiti, a compilation of unreleased music from Linkin Park, Dave Matthews Band, Slash, Lupe Fiasco, and more to help aid victims of the earthquake.

Artwork by Shepard Fairey's firm Studio Number One, web production by Ten Minute Media, and swift weekend teamwork from a bunch of great folks at The Collective, Ning, and TopSpin.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Increase Efficiency, Reduce Paper, and Travel!

This year I want to become as organized, efficient, and as digital/mobile as humanly possible. On top of that goal, in a few weeks I'll be leaving for Warsaw, where I'll be living for a few months, so I decided to jump full-speed into some useful, innovative, and entrepreneurial-focused services. Here's the list...

Increase Organization / Reduce Paper.
  • EarthClassMail - Imagine being able to access your postal mail in the same fashion you check your e-mail, all while you're free to travel around the world. Sounds far-fetched, but it's all possible. If that's your cut of tea... check out EarthClassMail.

  • Pixily - With Pixily, you can send all your existing paper documents and within a few days have a living/breathing, search-able archive of your papers. The only challenge is what to do with that ugly file cabinet now that it's obsolete. This start-up is based in the innovative state of Massachusetts. On another note, if you just want to focus on your receipts and business cards, Shoeboxed might be more your match.
Organize and Track Expenses.
  • Expensify - Import your expenses/receipts, and generate IRS-friendly expense reports.
Access your data from anywhere.
Manage Invoices.
  • Harvest - Being able to quickly invoice clients, monitor time, and track month-to-month performance is a piece of cake with Harvest, an easy-to-use online invoicing system.
Voice-related Services.
  • Google Voice - Check your voice-mail just like your e-mail, have a single number forward to all of your lines, send/receive/store your voice-mails and texts... and many other features.

  • Grasshopper - Press "1" for Sales... Press "2" for Tech Support... Grasshopper is a smart virtual phone system with a major focus on entrepreneurs and small business. Another great start-up from MA.
If this is what we have available today, just imagine what will be possible a decade from now.